Cocos (Keeling) Islands 2016

Flights to Cocos Keeling booked

Emirates Airbus A380

We fly Emirates Oslo – Perth, then Virgin to Cocos Keeling Islands

Flights are booked and paid for the whole trip from Oslo to Cocos Keeling Islands and back. We are leaving Oslo on March 12th 2016. There will be a “brief” stopover in Perth from March 13th to March 14th. We arrive in Perth early evening on the 13th and leave for Cocos Keeling Islands just after lunch on the 14th. Arrival on Cocos Keeling Islands is just two hours before local sunset so we will bring flash-/headlights to be able to put up antennas for the first night.

The return flight from Cocos Keeling Islands is on March 26th. This gives us one full day in Perth on Sunday March 27th as we just miss the connecting flight to Dubai by only 10 minutes. This is ok as none of us has ever visted Perth. We are looking forward to spend some hours there too.

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