Cocos (Keeling) Islands 2016

Testing and planning

Morten LB8DC and Lars LB2TB testing PC' class=

Morten LB8DC and Lars LB2TB testing PC’s

In mid October we met at a house on Hvaler(EU-061) for further planning and testing of some of the equipment we are bringing along.

The Folding Hex Beam looks promising. From the picture attached it might look like a pain to put up, but it was quite easy to unfold. First setup and tuning will take you hours but after that it’s a breeze. A K3 and KPA500 was also set up for testing and a few QSO were made.

All ops where at the meeting: Rune LA6YIA, Morten LB8DC, Bjorn LB1GB and Lars LB2TB.

Folding Hex Beam in Bag

Folding Hex Beam in Bag

Tangled Folding Hex Beam

Folding Hex Beam

LB2TB, LB8DC and LA6YIA with flags

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