Cocos (Keeling) Islands 2016

Focus areas, aka target areas!

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Besides the normal CW & SSB activity on higher bands, there will be a focus on low bands.

VK9C is quite high up on the most wanted list when looking at 80M and 160M activity.

We will pay attention to the difficult parts of the world from Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

NA East Coast beeing almost the “antipode” is probably the most difficult path with very short openings. Special attention will be given. Please respect when we say NA EAST ONLY. Not only along the coastline, but “East”. All others will be worked, when we are through the short openings.

We want to clarify what we mean by “NA EAST COAST”: It is not limited to the coastal states / provinces, but more everything east of the middle of US/Canada.

We have also received requests from South America to pay attention.

Europe and Asia will have greater opportunities. We might focus on Central Asia and Central Russia as well. At those times we may ask Japan to stand by. Europe will be a challenge too. Working eastern europe, and not hearing west or north europe. Please also respect when we ask for West or northern europe.

And, please, do not call on top of stations being worked! This will slow down the qso rate severely.

RTTY will also receive attention.

Want to get in the log? – Follow the DX Code of Conduct !

9 thoughts on “Focus areas, aka target areas!

    1. Bjorn LB1GB

      Of course not! When we go into darkness(our sunset), we will follow the US sunrise. We will have one station on 80 and one 160. Looking forward to work you. May the condx be with us!

  1. Tony VK3TZ

    Hey guys, have a great and SAFE trip. Please by all means focus on those tougher paths which is mainly the US on the low bands. It is a tough path for them. But please give a chance for the VK and ZL boys to work you too. So, so often people go there and never work the VKs, thinking it is so close and easy. It is not so easy!! Many don’t have it on quite a few bands, the path to VK3 is over 5500kms. I’ve been dxing for 30 years and not got VK9C on 160m. If there is no-one calling from the USA, please work us, Several DXpeditions in the past will simply not log a VK even though they are not working anyone. Extremely frustrating and disappointing. There is not that many of us on 160m and working 5 or even 10 VKs won’t take long, generally you will find only 1 or 2 call at a time. So have fun and hope to work a dxped to VK9C on 160m this time!!

    The VK6 guys should really make you welcome and you should enjoy an extra day in Perth. An afternoon in Kings Park or a day trip over to Rottnest Island is well worth it. Or if you like wine head down to Margaret River and enjoy.

    Cheers and safe travels,

    1. Bjorn LB1GB

      Thanks Tony, we will keep an eye out for you too. The VK6’er has taken good care of us. 73 and see you on the bands. 73 DipperDX Team

  2. pj4ls

    The Dutch Caribbean Islands are also very difficult, but we are looking for you when possible.
    Have a safe trip and enjoy! Thanks from PJ4LS on Bonaire

  3. John Raydo

    US West (Colorado), your propagation chart shows best times on 20M will be 3:00 – 7:00 UTC and 8:00 – 11:00. Don’t forget about us. Thanks.

  4. John Raydo

    OPPS, I used the VK0EK prop times, rather than VK9 for Colorado. So forget above post. Colorado 20M window is only 15:30 to 16:30 UTC.

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