Cocos (Keeling) Islands 2016

30 days till departure

Today it’s less than 33 days till we arrive on the island. We are all excited and looking forward to the pile ups and the occational umbrella drink in the sun. We have all the antennas ready and equipment is testet with it’s accessories. In theory the station should be plug and play. We arrive just before sunset(around 11:00z) so we will bring two headlamps, enabling us to errect the 30M and 40M antennas in the dark. The 80M antenna might come up the same evening pending how much work the two other antennas will take. Look for us on 30M CW and 40M CW and/or SSB the first day.

ClubLog is setup and we will upload logs at least once a day if the internet connection permits. We still don’t know how stable the internet connection will be. Our ClubLog account will auto tweet every time we upload a log. So you might want to follow on Twitter.

73 DipperDX Team

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