Cocos (Keeling) Islands 2016

VK6XL helping out in Australia

Coax and stuff

Coax RG58C/U – PL-259 – AU mains plugs

Allen VK6XL is providing great help in Australia purchasing some items for us at his local Altronics store. Saving us the excess baggage charges for these items at least on the Oslo – Perth leg.

300 meters of RG58C/U, 20 PL-259 and 6 AU mains plugs.

We have two days available in Perth so the plan is solder as many patching cables and end plugs as possible while we are there. Since we don’t know where to place our antennas yet on Cocos, we will not cut the coax into lenghts just yet.

We are very greatful for all help so thanks again Allen and we are all looking forward to meet you in Perth!

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