Cocos (Keeling) Islands 2016

Plans for our last 2 days of operation is as follows

Today, Thursday 24th, we will be fully operational as normal. There will be a change for low band operation. The Team has decided to end operation on 160M after our SS today. This decision is taken due to lack of QSO’s and conditions. We’re sorry for the low QSO-count on 160M so far. We’ve tried to be there for many nights now -. learning a lot and having a hard time to keep awake, listening to nothing.
After our SS – we will be on 80 meters until after our SR (2330-2345z today).
Tomorrow, Friday 25th, will be a bit shorter than expected. The plane takes us to Perth early Saturday morning. Check-In at 0630 LOCAL TIME. That means we have to take down most antennas tomorrow in our daylight time. However, we will leave 1 rig (100W) and our 30M vertical operative until about 1800z – with sporadic operation only.
A final “QRT-message” will be written on this web-page

73 DipperDX

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