Cocos (Keeling) Islands 2016

VK9CK full steam ahead

News from VK9CK Guy’s:
Had just a chat with LB2TB Lars and he could tell that they are ready for NA / SA. They have figured out the challenges with conditions and RX antennas and they use TX antenna also as RX.
He could tell that they have already run multiple contacts at 160 meters. VK9CK team have now 10,000 QSO’s !! in log.
Clublog and LoTW updates go as planned about once a day.

73s de Rune, LA6YIA
Home Team Pilot

8 thoughts on “VK9CK full steam ahead

  1. Frank

    *Really* hoping to catch you guys on the higher bands (especially 20M where NA East has the best shot) for an ATNO!

    1. LA6YIA Post author

      Hi Frank
      VK9CK have been on 12-15-17-20 CW/SSB/RTTY everyday and asked for NA/SA when there are condx. They will continue to do this in days to come.
      73s de Rune, LA6YIA, Home Team Pilot

    1. LA6YIA Post author

      Hi Mario
      VK9CK are aware about “Window to NA on low and Higher band” og they have been asking for NA/SA only in those window’s
      They will continue to do this in days to come. . .
      73’s de Rune, LA6YIA, Home team pilot

  2. r e m

    Most of NA sunrise window on 160m -30m is 10z to 14z. You always are too late. Same with higher bands. Two hr.s too late for most of NA/SA. That’s why your Clublog NA percentage is less than 9%

  3. Bill

    Good signals on 30m at 1200z today to US Mountain West. Unfortunately we have to deal with the US East Coast hordes at that time. But later, when it’s our sunrise you go QRT. There is more to the US than the East Coast.

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