Cocos (Keeling) Islands 2016

VK6XL helping out in Australia

Coax and stuff

Coax RG58C/U – PL-259 – AU mains plugs

Allen VK6XL is providing great help in Australia purchasing some items for us at his local Altronics store. Saving us the excess baggage charges for these items at least on the Oslo – Perth leg.

300 meters of RG58C/U, 20 PL-259 and 6 AU mains plugs.

We have two days available in Perth so the plan is solder as many patching cables and end plugs as possible while we are there. Since we don’t know where to place our antennas yet on Cocos, we will not cut the coax into lenghts just yet.

We are very greatful for all help so thanks again Allen and we are all looking forward to meet you in Perth!

30 days till departure

Today it’s less than 33 days till we arrive on the island. We are all excited and looking forward to the pile ups and the occational umbrella drink in the sun. We have all the antennas ready and equipment is testet with it’s accessories. In theory the station should be plug and play. We arrive just before sunset(around 11:00z) so we will bring two headlamps, enabling us to errect the 30M and 40M antennas in the dark. The 80M antenna might come up the same evening pending how much work the two other antennas will take. Look for us on 30M CW and 40M CW and/or SSB the first day.

ClubLog is setup and we will upload logs at least once a day if the internet connection permits. We still don’t know how stable the internet connection will be. Our ClubLog account will auto tweet every time we upload a log. So you might want to follow on Twitter.

73 DipperDX Team

Focus areas, aka target areas!

Illustrational picture
Besides the normal CW & SSB activity on higher bands, there will be a focus on low bands.

VK9C is quite high up on the most wanted list when looking at 80M and 160M activity.

We will pay attention to the difficult parts of the world from Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

NA East Coast beeing almost the “antipode” is probably the most difficult path with very short openings. Special attention will be given. Please respect when we say NA EAST ONLY. Not only along the coastline, but “East”. All others will be worked, when we are through the short openings.

We want to clarify what we mean by “NA EAST COAST”: It is not limited to the coastal states / provinces, but more everything east of the middle of US/Canada.

We have also received requests from South America to pay attention.

Europe and Asia will have greater opportunities. We might focus on Central Asia and Central Russia as well. At those times we may ask Japan to stand by. Europe will be a challenge too. Working eastern europe, and not hearing west or north europe. Please also respect when we ask for West or northern europe.

And, please, do not call on top of stations being worked! This will slow down the qso rate severely.

RTTY will also receive attention.

Want to get in the log? – Follow the DX Code of Conduct !

Small change in the team

John Arne Børresen, LA7GNA

John, LA7GNA

Rune LA6YIA unfortunately had to cancel due to personal reasons. Luckily we quickly got a replacement op, John LA7GNA. John is a SSB operator.
Rune is now on the home team taking care of techs. He has also provided us with all the laptops and sponsor us with several other items for the DXpedition. Thanks Rune and welcome to the team John! We are all looking forward running pile ups and drinking umbrella drinks with you on Cocos.

Testing and planning

Morten LB8DC and Lars LB2TB testing PC' class=

Morten LB8DC and Lars LB2TB testing PC’s

In mid October we met at a house on Hvaler(EU-061) for further planning and testing of some of the equipment we are bringing along.

The Folding Hex Beam looks promising. From the picture attached it might look like a pain to put up, but it was quite easy to unfold. First setup and tuning will take you hours but after that it’s a breeze. A K3 and KPA500 was also set up for testing and a few QSO were made.

All ops where at the meeting: Rune LA6YIA, Morten LB8DC, Bjorn LB1GB and Lars LB2TB.

Folding Hex Beam in Bag

Folding Hex Beam in Bag

Tangled Folding Hex Beam

Folding Hex Beam

LB2TB, LB8DC and LA6YIA with flags

Virgin Australia flight changes

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia

Because of Virgin Australia’s changes in the flight schedule to Cocos Keeling Islands we will arrive a day later than originally anticipated. The flight will also do a stop on Christmas Island VK9X, both ways, but not long enough for any operation. We will not change our departure from Norway, but rather spend one day more in Perth. Hopefully there will be no more changes in our flight schedules.

Flights to Cocos Keeling booked

Emirates Airbus A380

We fly Emirates Oslo – Perth, then Virgin to Cocos Keeling Islands

Flights are booked and paid for the whole trip from Oslo to Cocos Keeling Islands and back. We are leaving Oslo on March 12th 2016. There will be a “brief” stopover in Perth from March 13th to March 14th. We arrive in Perth early evening on the 13th and leave for Cocos Keeling Islands just after lunch on the 14th. Arrival on Cocos Keeling Islands is just two hours before local sunset so we will bring flash-/headlights to be able to put up antennas for the first night.

The return flight from Cocos Keeling Islands is on March 26th. This gives us one full day in Perth on Sunday March 27th as we just miss the connecting flight to Dubai by only 10 minutes. This is ok as none of us has ever visted Perth. We are looking forward to spend some hours there too.

Propagation tool from K6TU

Stu, K6TU generously suggested making a propagation widget for us for Cocos (Keeling) Islands. This will allow the individual DXers to have a better prognosis for his ability to work Cocos Islands in March 2016. You’ll get the opportunity to make forecasts based on your own Maidenhead locator and choose from many different antenna configurations against our antennas. The NOAA Solar Activity forecast (SSN) for March is used in the current prediction. As we get closer to the DXpedition date, this will be replaced with the current SSNe (SSN equivalent) from NWRA to provide as close to a “near cast” as is practical.

You find the Cocos (Keeling) Islands predictions tool on website. There is also a link to the widget on our propagation page.

Thanks Stu!

Welcome to the Cocos (Keeling) Islands 2016 DXpedition website


Follow this website to learn all about the VK9CK(call pending) DXpedition in March 2016. We will keep you updated throughout the coming year. We are still waiting for WIA/ACMA to confirm our call sign.

Operators will be Lars LB2TB, Bjorn LB1GB, Morten LB8DC and John LA7GNA. Plans are beams for high bands and verticals/Inv. L for the lower bands. We will bring amplifiers!

Edit: Opr. change