Cocos (Keeling) Islands 2016



Lars Røksund, LB2TB
Lars Røksund, LB2TB - Gressvik - Licensed 1981
Active DX'er. Previous experience from TA4/LB2TB, JW5EBA (Hopen Isl.) and LA5EBA/OHØ. Been to 77 countries around the globe, but not operated from more than a very few. Main interest is CW. Casual SSB opr. Born 1965.

Bjørn Bergheim, LB1GB

Bjørn Bergheim, LB1GB - Oslo - Licensed in 1980
Contester but also loves the challenge of breaking a DX pileup. Operated from VP5L, LX8A and a few other European countries but LN8W is the "home station". Favorite mode is CW but do SSB and RTTY as well. Born 1966

Morten Kvernmoen, LB8DC
Morten Kvernmoen, LB8DC - Brandval - Licensed in 1986
Primary a DXer, but loves contesting as well. Worked as JW9DFA, LI9DFA and OJ0LA. Holder of the call LA3C and worked many contests as LA3C/LN3C/LI3C. Favorite mode is CW, but do SSB and RTTY as well. Ex LA9DFA, LB8DC from 19.12.2015. Born 1965.

John Arne Børresen, LA7GNA
John A Børresen, LA7GNA - Kolbu - Licensed 2004
DX'er and contester, mainly working SSB.
This is my first DXpedition and I hope my contesting experience will help out in the piles. Born 1965

Pilots & QSL-managers

Sindre Torp, LA6OP

Sindre Torp, LA6OP - Helligvær isl EU-062 - Licensed in 1971
Active allround DXer, but I enjoy ragchewing as well. Worked as SV5/LA6OP, EA8/LA6OP, W8/LA6OP, OZ/LA6OP, 8S6OP and LI6OP. I do CW, SSB and RTTY. Born 1955.

Einar Fresvik, LA2IR

Einar Fresvik, LA2IR - Bodø - Licensed in 1973
Active DX'er. CW is the favorite mode, but I'm sometimes on SSB as well. Operated as JW2IR, OZ/LA2IR, EA8/LA2IR and LI2IR. Born 1942.

Rune Fimreite, LA6YIA

Rune Fimreite, LA6YIA - Fredrikstad - Licensed 1992
Full time DX’er from home QTH. His favorite mode now is CW. Originally an operator on the DXpedition but had to stay home for personal reasons. Now a member of the home team.
Born 1963